Bassano del Grappa

Although some guides state otherwise: Bassano del Grappa on the river Brenta is not the home of the eponymous high-proof beverage. Right, however, is: rapus in Latin means grape, resulting in the vernacular finally Grappa originated.


Anyway: Only fruit brandy from grains - made from the dry pressed grapes, so to speak a by-product of wine production - from Italy may be called grappa. Around 40% of grappa is produced in the area around Vicenza and Monte del Grappa.


By the way, a brief excursion into one of the local distilleries is recommended. There a good bottle of grappa only costs about half the price that is asked for it in other countries.

Ponte degli Alpini - by Andrea Palladio

Those who want to enjoy the Grappa properly do so best right at the Osteria del Ponte, hardly overseeable right at the wooden bridge over the river Brenta.

The famous bridge was built in 1569 according to plans by Adrea Palladio. The region owes him for so many beautiful as famous villas. Including magnificent monuments of architecture such as the Villa Rotonda (which was used as scenery for many films).

Who wants to keep track of grappa should head towards Friuli, the second most important region in italian grappa. That people did excellently in growing wine over thousands of years already in Roman times brought its part to their doom: Because Julius Caesar was a wine lover. And so it took not long until the Friuli was incorporated into the Roman Empire…

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