Igea Marina

Holiday between the rivers Uso and Rubicone where Bellaria and Igea Marina are located. Originally they were fishermen villages at the beginning of the last century which became a symbol for beach holidays already in the last century.


Bellaria stands for affordable beach holidays, 7 km fine sandy beach, bars, pubs, nightclubs and hotels. Of course there are city parks and pedestrian zones for shopping.

Impressions from Bellaria Igea Marina.

Unlike so many other villages Bellaria - Igea Marina managed to retain its identity as a fishing village. Old, almost Venetian looking streets and the picturesque harbor give it a very special charm.


The place Bellaria (it has a fortress near the church of Santa Margherita) appeared in 1359 for the first time in the historical sources. In the Saracen tower, which was built in the 17th century to defend Bellaria against pirate attacks, an interesting shell museum has been set up.


The city of Igea Marina, however, is of recent origin. The place was designed by Vittorio Belli as a resort. He gave it the name of the daughter of Asclepius, Igea. The hotel selection is accordingly abundant, have fun with the agony of choice. Further information about the place Bellaria, visit the official website of the municipality (see English translation).

• Open daily from June to September,

• except Mondays

• from 20.30 - 23.00 o'clock

• Free admission

• Free guided tours during the opening times



• Via Torre, 75 in Bellaria

• Tel +39 0541 343746

• Fax +39 0541 345844

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