Surrounded by dense pine forests (of which derives its name Pineta) in Bibione the vacationers enjoy the mild, sunny Mediterranean climate of the Adriatic.

In short, Bibione is a modern seaside resort and is swimming and everything you would like to do in an enjoyable Adriatic holiday: Extensive sunbathing on the fine, pale sand, sports and a sophisticated level of nightlife.

Bibione Beach

Bathing holidays
for the whole family

The beach is ideally suited for families with children, because it falls rather flat, the water gets deeper slowly. Because of this, there is always a pleasant temperature, too. The Adriatic Sea is very clear and enticing for long baths and beach games.


Often, the beach consortia offer free animation, which is very appreciated by children. (As well as the the Zoo of Lignano, which can be reached easily from here.)


Thanks to the size of the beach (usually up to four hundred meters wide) even in high season a quiet place can be found. And moreover a clean place, too, because the beach management is very precise on this issue. And it pays: Bibione was awarded the Blue Flag, again.

Wellness Spa

Spa Bibione
Spa Bibione

Only a few years ago a spa center was built. Since then they write in this beautiful resort spa symbolically with a capital "S".

Bibiones story is told, in contrast to that of many other cities in Italy - in relatively short terms: It was formed just 35 years ago, as a city that is almost virgin. At that time it was specifically designed for tourism. And we can say without exaggeration that the city does well.

  • Classica Estate Music Festival for lovers of music and literature. Following readings you can meet the authors. Usually from June to September, but also held in August. Just ask at your hotel for the event dates.

  • Game, sport and fun in the summer season Bibione offers a number of motivated athletic events, such as fitness events, or the Erreà Cup for fans of the beautiful game. It is best to ask here in the hotel for the exact event dates.

Overall, Bibione is a vacation resort "in between", because as a beach resort, it has something for everyone: Flat beach for families, spa for relaxation, but also a varied nightlife for the young and naturally sun for everyone.

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