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Architecture Biennale: In years with even numbers.

Art Biennale: In years with odd numbers.


It began in 1895 with the idea of the mayor to organize an exhibition of Fine Arts - every 2 years. Therefore its name Biennale. Which city would be more suitable for this purpose than Venice?


So the Palazzo dell'Esposizione was built in 1894, King Umberto I. and Margherita di Savoia gave themselves the honor of the opening and ceremony. The whole spectacle was a huge success, so much so that the concept of the World Exhibition became the model for the future events.


1907 the first national pavilion, designed by Léon Sneyers, was opened in the Public Gardens: Belgium presented itself (including paintings by Klimt and retrospectives by Renoir and Courbet). Before the First World War Hungary, Germany, Great Britain (1909), France (1912) and Russia (1914) joined the Biennale.

Biennale Venice - when?

Always taking place in years with odd numbers. For more details check out their website.

  • 55. Ausstellung: erst wieder 2013
  • Internationales Tanzfestival: 30. Jänner - 17. Juni 2012
  • Internationales Film Festival: 29. August - 8. September 2012
  • Internationale Architektur-Ausstellung: 29. August - 25. November 2012

Guided professionally and competently by Dr. Susanne Kunz Saponnaro.

Later, by the events grand success, other events followed such as the International Festival of Contemporary Music (first held in 1930, annually since 1937) and the Film Festival (first held in 1930 on the terrace of the Hotel Excelsior on the Lido of Venice. The Golden Lion was invented and awarded later, e.g. annually since 1963,) .


As part of the 48th Biennial (1999), a major rescue effort for the Arsenal (the shipyards of Venice) started, thanks to which extensive repairs could be carried out. Since then, the site is also used for the Biennale, including for large video installations.

The Biennale is not limited necessarily to the Public Gardens. So before a couple of years lots of red penguins were distributed to possible and impossible places all of the city.

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