The old town of Caorle is exceptional: the winding streets and small squares, the thousand year old Cathedral, the Houses of the old town that provide a warm and friendly atmosphere. Tourists will be received here with genuine hospitality.

Old town Caorle

Dome of Caorle

Dome of Caorle

The leaning tower of the Dome at Bishop's Square is literally one of the salient features in the city of Caorle. Here you can settle into one of the closely located cafes located to spend the afternoon in the cool shade and - in glorious weather, with a little luck - toasting a passing couples. Very nice by the way is also the portico, where you can admire some beautiful frescoes.

Old Town

Historical Costume Festival
Historical Costume Festival

In summer many events are organized, such as the traditional procession of the Madonna dell 'Angelo or parades in historical costumes.

Not to mention the obligatory fireworks, held at the end of the high season, to the delight of the large and small guests annually.

Well known is the New Year with fireworks, music and mulled wine to welcome the New Year due. One of the most charming of the old town of the Campo Negroni. There is an art exhibition (admission free), which is open throughout the whole summer.


Many of the facades of the houses are decorated with frescoes and high reliefs of copper and are a treasure trove not only for photographers. The lanes are very narrow and long. In earlier times women were grilling fish in the lanes where fragrance spread throughout the entire environment.


In the old town you will find plenty of opportunities for shopping. Many shops invite you to browse. In addition, there are countless icecream bars - where the ice-cream is still produced in-house production - wine bars and pubs with dance music.


The center also hosts many cultural events, such as the festival of street theater with mimes and clowns.

Must see

  • To admire
    The jetty with stone sculptures, a real open-air art gallery, which can be seen during a short walk.

  • To explore
    The Caorle lagoon is a natural paradise, as you will probably hardly find one on the upper Adriatic. Unique are the so-called Casoni - old, feet covered fishing huts, which are mostly accessible only by boat. Even Ernest Hemingway particularly cherished hunting grounds in the lagoon.

  • To enjoy
    The long, golden sandy beach of Caorle runs gently into the sea. Wide beach zones are bounded by dunes and pine forests.

  • To visit
    The cylindrical bell tower, the cathedral, the great square with its frescoes, the old church of the Madonna dell'Angelo. Many unique jewels of architecture, which are rightly the pride of the city.
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