The lagoon

and Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

On 21th July 1999 was the 100th anniversary of Caorles most famous guest, Ernest Hemingway. It was celebrated with the opening of the hunting lodge Valle Grande which was turned into a museum.

Hemingway stayed as a guest at the estate of his friend Baron Raimondo Franchetti, who was due to the common passion for hunting in close contact with him. He had accompanied him from Venice to Gaetano along one of the most beautiful lagoons - a paradise for hunters from all over Europe.

Here stayed the master of short sentences

Cabin Valle Grande
Cabin Valle Grande

We from have been stalking around a bit and made fat booty! In the lagoon of Caorle we shot no less than the cabin Valle Grande, out of which Hemingway stalked the tasty ducks of the region.

The coxswain and hunt master Fiorindo Silotto brought him from the cabin Valle Grande to hunt ducks. The maid of the Franchetti family, Nina Bottos supervised Hemingway during his stay.

Hemingway devoted Caorle Lagoon some of the most beautiful pages in his book Beyond the river and under the trees, first published in America in 1950 and was later published in Italy in 1965 by the publisher Mondadori.

What all in Caorle are very proud of, of course.

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