The age-old fishing village of Caorle, one of the most beautiful resorts on the Adriatic Riviera, has fortunately managed to retain its original charm and is its originality.

The old port is one of the most enchanting places and seems to be almost unchanged.

Even as only at few places here in Caorle, with its many colorful houses, the atmosphere is almost tangible with the hands.

Who comes here enjoys coming back.

It is probably one of the secrets of this very special place that we always like to come back. Those who once spent a little time at dusk on the headland at the Church of the Madonna dell'Angelo and enjoyed the atmosphere knows what is meant.

In Caorle you can watch comfortably, an evening aperitif in hand, at the blue hour the fishing boats that stand out from here every day at sea ... (And perhaps come back with your Orata)

Seeing & Doing in Caorle

Old harbor in Caorle
Harbor of Caorle
Caorle lanes
In the lanes

Along the long bathing beach - ideal for extended walks and Beach Biking - there are many places with beach volleyball fields and bocce courts. Also a beautiful 9-hole 18-hole golf course (Pra 'delle Torri) is not far away.


The public beach is right next to the pier at the Livenza to Porto Santa Margherita . During the summer months Children's games are held here, beach volleyball and bocce tournaments. You could take some surf lessons or hire a pedalo.


The Consorzio Arenili Caorle offers beach entertainment for the visitors. The entertainment staff organizes games for children, adult tournaments, mountain bike excursions and gymnastics. All of this is offered to them free of charge.


Here you'll find your hotel in Caorle. Otherwise, it is also worth a look for other accommodation in the immediate location of Porto Santa Margherita or Eraclea Mare, where now are also some beautiful agriturismi.

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