The fishermen's huts

As everywhere in the lagoon (also in Caorle), there are the so-called Casoni near Bibione: Reed Covered huts where the fishermen stayed earlier, while they lay in wait for the delicious fish of the lagoon.


Today they are used rather less professionally, but more so for pure pleasure. On weekends the Italians (who are lucky enough to own a Casone) with their friends drive out into the lagoon, often by boat, grilling fresh fish and enjoy the day in the beautiful lagoon countryside.

Typical casone in the lagoon.

The Casoni are mostly privately owned and open for visitors, of course, only if you know the native owners. So if you are lucky enough to be invited there: Go for it!

But of course there are also offerings from local agencies (see below) that make a such a trip possible for visitors.

Canestrelli at the Casone
Casoni excursion: Canestrelli - a delicacy of the Adriatic Sea, which you should not want to miss.

Drive by boat

Blick vom Casone hinaus in die Lagune

A real casone trip does not take place by car, but by befitting a boat. Also on board for such a trip, where you can let the refreshing Adriatic wind blowing in your face, is a bite to eat (authentic local seafood specialties).


In any case, such an excursion is a great experience for all those who want a change: Not only frying in the sun but to explore the nature and beauty of the Venetian lagoons and experience something unique.


For more details on casone excursions, please contact:

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Armonia Viaggi offers various excursions by boat in the lagoons between Grado and Caorle.

They bring you to visit the canals of the lagoon by boat, traveling through a unique, pristine landscape, see the casoni and watch the birds in the lagoon.

Check out their website.



Adults: about 13, - €

Children (3-12): from about 7, - €

Bambini (0-3): Free of charge

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  • Wirklich exzellente Canestrelli gibt es übrigens auch in Caorle bei Al Faro.
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