Cathedral of Portogruaro

So crooked, so beautiful.

Dom Portogruaro
Dom zu Portogruaro

In place of a Romanesque church the Cathedral was built in the first decades of the 19th century.


From the previous building only the slim, leaning tower remained, which floor is perforated on all four sides by a triple window. Above the octagonal bell chamber, however, the tower is divided by twin windows and crowned by a pointed spire.


In a niche on the outer wall of the apse of the cathedral is a Madonna and Child, a beautiful marble sculpture from the 14th Century. The interior is structured in three naves and ends in a long presbytery. Remarkable works of art are The Last Supper above the main entrance, which is attributed to Pietro Muttoni, then the Saint Rochus of Antonio Carneo on the 2nd altar on the right and the resurrection from the school of Palma the Younger in the 4th right altar.


The central oil paintings in the apse shows Jesus in the temple by Giovanni di Martino. The left picture in the presbytery shows The holy dialogue by Pomponio Amalteo who made also the right and left panels in the last two stalls.


Worth mentioning are also the paintings of the Madonna delle Grazie by Pietro Damini on the third altar in the left aisle.

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