Hospitality unleashed

One of the exceptional advantages of Cattolica, located in the south on the Adriatic coast, apart of its fine golden sandy beach, is the hospitality of the locals, which made Cattolica one of the most popular seaside resorts in Europe. But it has to offer much more: Enjoy visiting the monuments, places, the dancing fountains, the promenade and the harbor.

Sundawn in Cattolica
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Another advantage of this location that it is one of the few places by the italian Adriatic coast that here the sun can be seen going down into the sea. This has something!

The city of Cattolica is full of life, warmth and hospitality. A place where you can talk and enjoy a variety of experiences: festivals, concerts, theater performances and not forgetting about the delicious food.


There's even a flea market here. All festivities are well organized and reach from loud (fireworks in August) to silent (Flower Exhibition in Cattolica fiore early May).

Cattolica is a quite a symbol of hospitality. Disturbing elements were carefully removed to obtain the Roman origins of the city. The ancient Cattolica was on the Via Flaminia. Already in these days it had many taverns offering travelers refreshment and relaxation. During the Renaissance it had some renowned inns. This ancient tradition of hospitality lives on today in Cattolica.

So enjoy the hospitality of Cattolica in one of these fine hotel.

Trip Tip: Aquarium Cattolica

Aquarium Cattolica

At the Aquarium of Cattolica you can watch various species of fish! Even a terrarium there is, minerals, exotic animals and all that keeps the younger visitors entertained.



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