Quarrels and Gossip

Quarrels in Chioggia
Chioggia in action…

The romantic fishermen town is famous for its beauty as well as for its inhabitants need for quarrel and gossip. Not accidentially Luca Goldoni, the great poet, wrote them a monument in his opus "baruffe chiozzotte" (chioggian quarrel).


Be it love, controversies or music - the tightness of the city unevitably makes every noise a half public event. Because of this the gossip is born. You can imagine that this way the Chioggians are seldomly lacking of things to chat about...


By the way: Goldonis commedy is performed since and then in original locations. Even if you don't know about the chioggian dialect - you will love it. Or not. Make this discussion a quarrel afterwards feeling yourself at home in Chioggia.

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