Chioggia Sottomarina

The city of Chioggia is connected to the mainland and the peninsula Sottomarina by two bridges. Many fishermen live here, there is a long white sandy beach with associated hotel buildings, amusement facilities and beach promenades.

In summer, Chioggia Sottomarina offers a large range of accommodation. Who is in search of peace the sea, but wants to know the culture to be close, this is the place. There are a few simple guesthouses and the four-star Hotel Grande Italia in Piazza Vigo, which is known for its style. Compared to the prices in Venice with a price range of about 75 to 155 euros for a double room the prices are still fair.


Besides that Chioggia offers miles long, wide beaches with fine white sand. Especially along the beach front of the district Sottomarina, the Lungomare, countless beach chairs waiting for guests from around the world. In the evening the Lungomare fills with young people strolling or settling in one of the numerous bars and cafes.


Of course you can eat excellent fish here, but also in the surrounding of Chioggia and Sottomarina. No wonder Chioggia belongs to the largest fishing ports in Italy. The fishing fleets go far out into the Mediterranean to bring the freshest fish and seafood in the country.

Chioggia has the second largest fishing fleet in the Adriatic Sea and a historic fish market. The network of almost perpendicularly arranged streets in the old part of Chioggia dates back to Roman times. Some residents even believe that the Romans who planned the city this way on purpose.

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