Venice's little sister

Alter Stich der Stadtansicht von Chioggia

It is the second biggest city in the lagoon of Venice, located at it's southern end near the delta of the river Brenta. They call it the little sister of Venice. And they are right.


Like in Venice many canals are crossing the city, there even exists a Canal Grande, the Canal Grande della Vena. Everything reminds on of Venice - the venecian syle buildings, lovely bridges...


Except the fact that the city of Chioggia is not so crowdy. You can find many intimate places that would make you getting some paint and canvas, a wirth a visit fish- and vegetable market.


Chioggia is a city of hard working fishermen. Even today there is the most important fishing-harbor of the upper Adria. Thus the market doesn't offer you nifty souvenirs but goods for daily needs - clothes, shoes, fruits and chese...

It's all about the fish!

The place is not so loud and crowded as one might expect. There are many intimate, picturesque squares and a very worth seeing fish and vegetable market.

Chioggia is a fisherman and workers' settlement. Even today, here is the most important fishing port of the Adriatic Sea. So on the big market in the main street not souvenirs are offered, but everyday necessities - clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, fruit, cheese, etc.

From Venice or the Lido of Venice you can reach Chioggia by bus No. 11. A ferry will arrive on the island Pelestrina from where it continues to Chioggia.

The ship docks at Piazzetta Vigo, where a Venetian-Byzantine column with a winged lion recalls the tights to Venice.

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