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City Hall Portogruaro
Tip: Bar Roma right to the next.

The building serves Portogruaro since over 800 years as the town hall building and is undoubtedly the most impressive landmark of the city. It is a particularly fine example of the local civil architecture. The Gothic building, whose main façade is made of brick, was built in the course of two centuries.


The older part is undoubtedly the central building, the window arches are in the Belle Etage are elaborately made of bricks, while the window frames are made of white stone. Documents from the 13th report of the Loggia del Comune, The Municipal House. Thus, as the establishment in 1265 seems plausible which has been dated by city historian Antonio Zambaldi.


As a result of the revolt of the Bards in 1371 the palace was set on fire. To suppress the riots and restore his reputation, Marquado, the Patriarch of Aquileia, took part in the quarrels at this very moment - according to the historian Degani - and let build the new loggia with its unique Ghibelline battlements.


After so much culture and history, the good news: Right next door is the Bar Roma, where you can really enjoy the enchanting sight with a cool glass of Prosecco.

World Cup 2006 Portogruaro
World Cup 2006

Normally it is almost idyllically calm in the piazza. Unless you are lucky enough to make your stay in the finals of the Soccer World Cup. Then it can get a little noisier sometimes.

But it will be compensated quickly, when a goal is scored, the Venetian lion awakes and there's free ice cream for all.

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