It is a charming little city with ancient origins - Comacchio, situated on 13 islands. Its inhabitants are proud on their well preserved historical center. And rightly so. With its canals, bridges and beautiful palaces it is somewhat reminiscent of Venice.


Worth to note is especially the canal bridge Trepponti, constructed in 1634, with two turrets (pictured below, and here are a few more beautiful pictures on Flickr ).


This video gives a good impression of the natural attractions Comacchios, an area wich is also accessible by bike:

Beautiful Impressions from the lagoon of Comacchio.

Ponte dei Trepponti in Comacchio
Ponte dei Trepponti in Comacchio

Seaside resorts Comacchio

Among the most important seaside resorts of Comacchio, from North to South are the Lido di Volano, Lido delle Nazioni, Lido di Pomposa, Lido degli Scacchi, Porto Garibaldi and Lido degli Estensi.


Each of these places has its own character, but what they all have in common is their connection with nature - particularly at the Lido di Volano that borders a beautiful nature reserve with unique flora and fauna.

Like eels?

Anyone who has loves to eat eels, flavorful, has found the right place here. Because in Comacchio the eel has a long tradition. Here you get them in almost any form. Finely seasoned, grilled, marinated, canned and if you want even in boxes.

Just say only: Anguilla!, which is a real delicacy here.

Of course not only the nature and the sea can be enjoyed here, but of course the kitchen, too. Those who know to appreciate a good eel, eg accompanied by a Bosco Eliceo wine (the name derives from the fact that in the vicinity of vineyards are many oaks), are in good hands here.

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