Concordia Sagittaria

The Basilica on Stilts

Basilika von Concordia
Basilica of Concordia

The town of Concordia Sagittaria is just 20 km from Caorle. It can look back on an impressive history. Once it was founded in honor of Julius Caesar (Concordia: Latin for concord) around 40 BC and received her middle name by the fact that arrowheads were made here (sagitta: Latin for arrow).

Via Annia in Concordia Sagittaria
The Via Annia - once hidden beneath the rubble of the times, today partially exposed. One of the most important Roman roads in the area.

Probably the most interesting thing that can be visited in Concordia, is the ancient basilica. It rests entirely on concrete stilts. There are probably few basilicas of which one can say that. You can walk around there even under the bell tower.

Opening times

You can visit the museum almost anytime you want to. It's always opened except for Christmas Eve, New Year and the 1th of May) from 9:00 - 19:00.

Entrance is free - just go there and have a look, it's impressive.

  • At 3 km distance: Concordia Sagittaria, 42 BC, founded by the Romans under Julius Caesar, countless, highly interesting and well preserved excavations. Fossalta and Alvisopoli - the home of the poet Ippolito Nievo with superb hiking paths.

  • 5 km: Summaga, with the Benedictine Abbey around 1000 AD

  • 6 km: Portogruaro - a typical small Venetian town on the banks of the river Lemene with palaces from the to 16 Century. Home of the Museum of Concordia, in which there are numerous archaeological finds on display.

  • 8 km: Porto Vecchio with Villa Bombarda, located in a spacious park with an old mill plant.
    Pramaggiore with its national wine show and the seat of the wine cellar the province of Veneto..

  • 10 km: Sesto al Reghena, 741 AD. foundedunder the Lombards, with the magnificent Benedictine Abbey of St. Mary in Sylvis.

  • 15 km: Caorle and its lagoons. The famous Adriatic town with its historical center and its characteristic narrow streets and colorful houses.
    Already since 1 Century BC Caorle has been serving as a commercial and military port.
    • Vallevecchia with wide, open beach and a thick pine forest belt since the 50-ies as a nature park offers numerous deer refuge.
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