Spiaggia di Pluto

At the beach with your dog

Good news for those who have always liked to put on a holiday with her ​​dog on the beach, but could not: they may in Bibione! Here they have recognized the signs of the times and finally built a private beach just for dogs: The Spiagga di Pluto. (At the Adriatic, there are more dog beaches.)

The Spiaggia di Pluto is open from 1 year May to 30 September and is at the eastern end of the beach of Bibione (towards the lighthouse).

Something like this can be pictured.

Admission & prices

22nd May to 18 June: € 15.50 per day

19th June to 27 August: € 18 -

afterwards € 15.50

The price is per place - no matter how many dogs you bring.

Included are: 1 umbrella, 1 deck chair, 1 chair.

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