Lost in a daydream

The pittoresque bay of Duino Aurisina at the feet of of the castle of Duino is well known for its graceful beauty. Sometimes, if you take a seat in one of the local bars or restaurants it seems that time passes somewhat slower than in other places.


It can withstand very well, for example in a small sunbathing right on the pier or in the shade with a glass of sparkling Prosecco, while the fishermen mending their nets watching or enjoying the gorgeous sunsets.

View from the Bay of Duino
View from the Bay of Duino

Rilkes footsteps

Duino offers more than laissez faire alone. Here one is on Rilke traces (Rilke trail, Duino Elegies) find like where Franz Liszt (Duino Castle) and many other famous names that have discovered the magic of Duino for themselves.

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