Restaurant Al Faro

An Feiertagen (Ostern, Weihnachten etc.) unbedingt rechtzeitig vorreservieren!

Irgendwas essen kann man in Caorle überall. Aber richtig gut speisen Sie im Restaurant Al Faro.


Dort kann man gemütlich im Schatten der Pergola draußen sitzen (zur Freude der Raucher, weil man neuerdings in keinem Restaurant mehr rauchen darf) und sich bei einem kühlen Aperol auf ein köstliches Antipasto (Pesce marinato est est est!) freuen, gefolgt von überragenden Spaghetti alla Busara. Dazu genießt man am besten einen wohltemperierten Weisswein von Polencic (Collio). Menu


First off: It's to die for. And we are only too happy to let you share our tasting:



Pesce misto - a few freshly caught by fellow fishermen, grilled over Canestrelli, Capelunghe slightly grilled as well, plus a pinch of parsley, Canoccie, with just a splash of olive oil and, if enjoyed in the winter months, delicate roe.



Spaghetti alla busera (from the local dialect buta in rosso, ie "throw in the Red" (meant is tomato sauce)) is very convincing in the lead role. Mazzancolle (small shrimp, seen in the middle picture well), Cozze, clams and other delicacies of the sea. Some garlic was also sighted.



This time a Ribolla Gialla Ronchi Cialla from the Collio. Happiness.

Restaurant Al Faro Caorle

We'd dare to say: If you haven't been here you've probably not really been to Caorle, too. And although it says Trattoria Al Faro, it is actually a restaurant in there for us. Make the host a pleasure: Greet him from!


Enjoy the adriatic breeze sitting outside on the terrace (a nice place especially for smokers since smoking is not tolerated any more in italian restaurants) having a chilled Aperol and delicious Antipasto (est est est: Pesce marinato!) followed by Spaghetti alla Busera and a so called sweet "Polenta" as dessert...

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Via Livenza, 2

30021 Caorle (VE)

Tel: +39 0421-211271 (always dial '0' of the area code in Italy)


With a large gravelled parking (plenty of room to play with, there are pleased both the young).

Tuesdays (but only in winter), otherwise open throughout.


Al Faro is not hard to find: Just drive in Caorle (if you entered Caorle, follow the road to the right) in a westerly direction until it can go any further. Then you are necessarily on the Livenza . And now you are there. The restaurant Al Faro is just the right hand.

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