Emilia Romagna

It's probably the only attraction of the Emilia Romagna where you do not have to go. Because will come to you: The popular TV series Don Camillo and Peppone from the 50's.

Quite a blockbuster in the 50s.

Anyone who has seen Don Camillo and Peppone has already a rough impression of the Emilia Romagna region. However in black and white in some respect surprisingly little has changed since then.

Who indeed prefers to visit this special attraction on site can do so in Brescello where the Don Camillo Museum is located.


Apart from that the Emilia Romagna naturally offers a large number of places which are definitely worth a visit. For example, Bologna (the city with the oldest university in Italy), Ferrara, Ravenna or the most inspiring Delta of the river Po.

All these places can be reached comfortably within a day trip from the coast.

Landscape in the Emilia Romagna
Landscape in the Emilia Romagna

Must eat

Delikatessen der Emilia Romagna

Who has not eaten in the Emilia Romagna was probably not there at all. If you knew what delicious specialties there are you certainly won't get around it. Get appetite

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