Eraclea Mare

The town of Eraclea Mare, especially the beach is ideal for families who simplay want a peaceful holiday. Already seen in the pictures: the water is (as almost always) very calm and therefore very clear.

The beach is gently sloping, ideal for children - parents rather have to expect no surprises.

Eraclea Mare beach
As made for family vacations
Adria water quality
Here you can see the quality of the water which is as good as clear. The Italians have done a lot for that.

Adria bike path Eraclea Mare
Recognizing the signs of the times Eraclea has build paths especially for bikes (as they did in Caorle and Altanea, too)

Adria at its best
Clear, blue, flat: the Adriatic at its best.

The pictures were taken in the preseason March 2007, a year with an extremely early spring. There have already been spotted the first locals taking a sunbath.

Our tip for all who love the Adriatic, long walks on the beach and divine quietness while listening to the gentle lapping of the Adriatic: Visit Eraclea in the preseason (which admittedly could be difficult because all hotels are closed, but one can try).

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