Eraclea Mare

The green pearl of the Adriatic

Badestrand von Eraclea Mare

Not far from Caorle and Jesolo lies Eraclea Mare. It has exquisite beaches of over 3 km in length.

Situated in a pine forest (thus the name Pineta) is recommended as a beneficial quiet place, ideal for families with children. Because the beach in this part of the Adriatic Sea is shallow and for parents pleasantly unspectacular in this sense.

The lovers of country life come anything but short at the local farmhouses (agriturismi).

Blue flag = water good

Bandiera Blu
Bandiera Blu

In 2007, Eraclea Mare was awarded with the Blue Flag - the Bandiera blu - for good water quality. Congratulations!

Relaxed & refreshed

The place is manageable. There are about 20 hotels, 2 campsites, holiday villages and apartments which are managed by local agencies.


Sport possibilities abound: sailing, horse riding, fishing is possible, plus all of the classic beach sports. Also there is a golf course close by: Check out Pra delle Torri for a game of golf (special challenge with sea wind!).

Camping friends come naturally not too short. In any case, the following applies: Holidays in Eraclea Mare promise to be truely relaxing.

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