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by the Adriatic

In addition to a series of historical events like the Venice Carnival, the Regatta Barcolana (Trieste) the Adriatic comes up with a lot more entertain the guests.


For current events it pays to simply ask at the front desk of your hotel (at least an impressive fireworks you can find almost everywhere by the end of the season).

Venice Carnival

Karneval Venedig

The Venice Carnival is straight-forward, so there is not much to explain, except: Where can I get a room?

Events in Venice

There are a variety of different races held in Venice. For instance the Regatta Storica - the highlight of the rowing season (on the 1st Sunday in September), where everything is taken out, the only condition is: It must be able to float on the water.

There is held a regatta too at the carnival (see the video above). Or the Vogalonga. We do also recommend to consider the Barcolana (not in Venice but in Trieste).

Riviera Fiorita

Riviera Fiorita auf der Brenta - die Gegenveranstaltung zur Regata Storica in Venedig

The counter-event to the Regatta, but on the river Brenta: The Riviera Fiorita in September. Who knows it all in Venice, this is the place.

Classical Music Summer Portogruaro

Musiksommer in Portogruaro

A beautiful cultural experience with classical music beyond the usual local ice cream, ham, wine and cheese festivals. Visit the promising Musical Summer in Portogruaro.

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Januar (1)


Impressive bonfires at Epiphany,

Februar (1)

Karneval Venedig

Beginning of the legendary Carnival in Venice.

März (1)

Festa delle Cape in Lignano im März

Those who like shells will love the Festa delle Cape (Shell Festival) in Lignano.

April (1)

Spargelfest Bibione

When the asparagus is ready, at the end of April, join the Asparagus Festival in Bibione.

Mai (4)

Vogalonga Venedig

The world has the Marathon, Venice has the Vogalonga.

Mid of May: Terra dei Dogi

Terra dei Dogi, Portogruaro

Enjoy the entertaining wine festival Terra dei Dogi in Portogruaro. See historical costumes there.

Juni (3)

Musiksommer Portogruaro

Balmy nights at the Classical Music Summer Festival in Portogruaro.

Biennale Venedig

Biennale in Venice, however, only in the even-numbered years.

Festa Artusiana in der Emilia Romagna

Take a sample of the cuisine of the Emilia Romagna at its best: Festa Artusiana in Forlimpopoli.

Juli (1)

Festa del Redentore Venedig

Festa del Redentore, Festival of the Redeemer in Venice.

August (1)

Filmfestival Venedig

Beginning of the famous Venice Film Festival at the Lido of Venice.

September (6)

Septemberfest in Bibione

Enjoy local culinary delights at the September Festival in Bibione.

Schachturnier mit lebenden Figuren in Marostica

Only every two years: The chess tournament with living figures in Marostica.

Historische Regatta Venedig

A real treat: Regatta in Venice with historic boats.

Riviera Fiorita auf der Brenta - das Gegenfest zur Regata Storica

Riviera Fiorita on the river Brenta - the counter-party to the Regata Storica in Venice.

Salzfest in Cervia

Cervia celebrates its Salt Festival the first weekend in September.

Festa de Borg

The Festa de Borg, taking place in the odd-numbered years at the 2nd and 3rd of September in Rimini.

Oktober (2)

Barcolana Triest

The Regatta Barcolana in Trieste, attended by over 1,000 boats to participate.

Fiere di San Luca

The more than thousand years old fair Fiere di San Luca in Treviso.

November (1)

Festa della Madonna Caorle

Festa della Madonna in Caorle, with an impressing procession.

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