Excursion Ideas

for all weather conditions

Generally the Adriatic enjoys a mild mediterranean climate. But these days you never know. Of course, it can also happen that the weather is not as it was depicted in the travel catalogue. (Fortunately, bad weather conditions usually do not hold for a long time in the Adriatic area).


Therefore wwe want to suggest a few ideas for excursions and activities for those who do not want to lock themselves with a glass of tea to the hotel room:

  • On cloudy or rainy days a welcome change: a few laps on the Infoor go-kart track.
  • A visit to Venedigs that unfolds its particular charme at any weather condition.

Ein handgemachter Freizeitpark

Großartig: Es war einmal ein Restaurant, das baute einen Spielplatz... Mittlerweile ist es ein handgefertigter Freizeitpark mit angeschlossenem Restaurant :)

Zu finden bei der Osteria ai Pioppi (und auf Facebook).

Die Osteria liegt nördlich von Treviso und ist bei fast jedem Wetter einen Ausflug wert.

Good at any Weather Condition

A visit to the Grotta Gigante near Trieste, the largest cave in Italy! Pleasantly cool when the weather is hot, dry and comfortable when rainy. And in any case worth the visit.


Or, if your area is hit by storms: Go Surfing! The big waves don't come for nothing.


Alternatively you can visit the Aquarium Cattolica, too.

Excursion Ideas

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