Excursion Ideas

if sunny

The activities at clear sky over the Adriatic are obvious. But in addition to sunbathing, swimming and diving, there are a number of recommended options, what you could do else:

Prosecco tastes at any weather, but especially in the area around Conegliano and Valdobbiaddene. You could go there also by bike.

Who spends his vacation near Rimini is lucky. Because he has not have to drive far. From Rimini to San Marino the distance is just about 4 kilometers.

Gerade wenn es draußen ordentlich heiss ist erfreut ein Besuch in der angenehm kühlen Grotte gigante bei Triest - nebenbei eine der größten Tropfsteinhöhlen der Welt.

Do a ride with a "topless" ship (e.g. sundeck) on the Brenta canal (connecting channel between Venice and Padova), where you can admire the magnificent villas.

On this trip you pass by the Villa Pisani. Its garden, especially the maze is a refreshing change from everything you can do on the beach.

A visit to the spa Bibione, where you can relax from the rigors of beach life.

Excursion Ideas

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