Festa del Redentore


The Festival of the Redeemer always takes place annually at the 3rd weekend in July.


It is one of the greatest and most famous festivals in Venice. The festival once was born in 1576 when Venice was struck and released by a devastating pest epedemy. The senate swore to organize this very festival on the venetian island of Giudecca to honour Jesus Christ.


The festival has been very popular ever since. Hundreds of decorated boats and gondolas come together at saturday evening at the Canale della Giudecca in front of San Marco. At this day a floating bridge is installed so that you can cross the channel by foot. Beside the channels and by the beautifully illuminated Canal Grande a hughe crowd is awaiting the fireworks throwing flares of lights into the sea.


After that the boats and gondolas ship to the Lido of Venice, with music and chants awaiting the sunset.

Impressions Festa del Redentore
Impressions Festa del Redentore
Impressions Festa del Redentore

For visitors from Jesolo it is strongly recommended to come in by boat via Punta Sabbioni. It is helpful to know that the ship traffic is suspended temporarily in the evening because of the fireworks and the fact that literally hundreds of boats gather in the basin of San Marco.

After the feast, however, the public transportation carries on to bring the visitors back to Punta Sabbioni (the ship leaves at the station San Zacharia, it halts at the Lido of Venice, too).

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