Venezia Giulia

Located in the very north east of Italy the province of Friuli Venezia Giulia takes advantage of its particular geographic situation. Close to Austria as well as to Slovenia the province of Friuli offers a great variety especially by its cultural mix.


Be it the flavor of the regional cuisine, the interesting sights, mountains, plains, rocky coastlines, lagoons and, yes, of course beaches, too.

The most eastern place of Italy with a nice marina and some other attractions.
The austro-italian pearl of the Adria...
We got lost in a daydream here...
Great conditions for those who own a yacht.
Grado, island of sun.
More than 8 kilometers of golden sand, sun and sea. Yes, some hotels, too.

A lovely region it is indeed.

Perhaps, if you'd like to explore as well roman history by example or dig in the cellars of some of Italy's most famous white wine producers. The only thing you could probably miss would be another week of holidays, or two.

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