Gatteo a Mare

Castle of Gatteo a Mare
Castle of Gatteo a Mare

The seaside resort of Gatteo a Mare belongs to the medieval community of Gatteo community that can look back on an eventful history. One it was governed by the Apostolic See, then it went to Cesare Borgia, then the Venetians, then again to the Vatican, then Napoleon. Finally, in 1859, it became part of the Italian kingdom.


As evidence of the long history of the town of Gatteo many works of high artistic value were preserved, such as the San Rocco church with its frescoes (1484), the ancient ruins, beautiful cloths of the Bolognese School (17th century) and a marble baptismal font dating from 1609, which is on display in the parish of St Lawrence.


On summer beach, as you can see, various enjoyments are provided for guests:

Einladende Impressionen von Gatteo a Mare.

Genuine Hospitality

Beach tourism has a long tradition in Gatteo a Mare. Hospitality is a very hallmark of the city. Best equipped beaches, high quality services, the sincere friendliness of the locals are making it a resort in which the welfare of the guests is paramount.


Whether small, young or old, everyone will find relaxation and entertainment here. From sporting and entertainment up to cultural events - in Gatteo a Mare you will find genuine hospitality as well as a wide range of hotels. Buona Spaggia!

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