From naval base to spa.

Grado in changing tides

Grado - einst Haften der römischen Flotte, heute Wellness Insel

The Grado peninsula was already famous as Venice was not yet established. Its modern roots together with the nearby Aquileia reach far back in Roman times.

The name "Grado" derives from the Latin grado-level, which can connect historically to an existing pier with port. Or maybe playing on the favorable geographical conditions:

Already the fleet of Julius Caesar took benefit of the two typical winds of the Adriatic: the cool dry Bora from the northeast and the warm moist sirocco from the southeast, from which, thanks to Grado, one can sail depending on the season, in one direction or the other.


The Mole was part of the port system of Aquileia, because you could ride from Grado from the Natisone river upstream to Aquileia. Many Roman finds, such as the foundation of a building of the 4th century under the basilica on the Piazza della Vittoria demonstrate Grados economic weight in roman times.

During the Great Migration, and the invasion of the Huns under Attila, the population of Aquileia fled with their bishop on the Grado Lagoon. This was the moment of its birth. While Aquileia fell gradually and slipped into insignificance, Grado took over their original role.


The city lost over the centuries, but its former importance and after the fall of the Serenissima, it came as rather insignificant fishing village with little more than 2,000 residents of the Habsburg Empire as part of the Principality of Gorizia and Gradisca.

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Emperor Franz Joseph made Grado 1892 a "resort". Thus could begin its ascent as the popular spa town of Austrians on the Upper Adriatic. But the Austrian monarchy walked past Grado, however, knew how to keep his role as a resort.


The geographical location affords Grado a mild mediterranean climate with ionized sea air and a very mineral-rich sand. Recently many spas in Grado were gratifying renovated, spas now offer a wide range of medical services under the watchful auspices of qualified specialists.


Today in Grado wellness is very important not to forget the rehabilitation therapy and beauty care for body and mind.

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