Canal Grande

Main Street of Venice

The most popular seats in one of the most beautiful open air museums in the world: the Canal Grande

It is probably one of the most unique main streets in the world: the Grand Canal (or Canal Grande in italian, or el Canaasso in venetian dialect). At a length of just 3.5 km it is of charming beauty.


Practically it is one of the most comfortable museum visits you will ever have, so to speak, because with the vaporetto you can simply go through this museum by ship.


Each of the 200 palaces - and only art historian are able to put it this way - is in itself a real, true "syntactic element", with close linguistic connection to the channel and with the city around it. The canal runs between the palaces and leads with them a colorful dialogue...

Crossing the Canale Grande

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The city of Venice is being discovered best by the waterside. Where ever you want to go in Venice, the water taxi brings you there:


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The proof: Venetians can swim.

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