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Raining cats and dogs?

Anyone who would like to enjoy his holiday Adriatic with his pet should be in search for a free beach for pets. (Because of the fact that "normal" beaches are not allowed for dogs.) Unless the dog does not disturb the other swimmers (otherwise threatens a multa, commonly known as a fine) there is no problem.


In any case it is advisable to reassure the local situation, as rules and provisions in Italy have a tendency to change. In any case, you should always have a muzzle (muserola) and a leash at hand, because officialy dogs have to be muzzled in Italy.


If the holiday falls in the time of ticks, do not forget to bring a tick collar because our agents against ticks from north of the Alps, do not always work successfully in countries southwards to the Alps.


Here the noteworthy bathhouse of Castelreggio in Sistiana near Trieste and the Lido di Fido pet beach in Grado.

In 2011 the Lido di Fido has been created, it has a good infrastructure including umbrella for the pet owner. Read more.


Spiaggia di Pluto in Bibione.

Now there is the Spiaggia di Pluto in Bibione, the pet beach near the lighthouse. It is open throughout the day.


Admission & prices

• 22 May to 18 June: € 15.50 per day

• 19th June to 27 August: € 18 -

• afterwards € 15.50


The price is per place - no matter how many pets you bring.

Included are: 1 umbrella, 1 deck chair, 1 chair.

A once genuine, natural beach east of Caorle. Not untouched, there already is a large parking site, there are no-dogs-signs and no comfort (unless you provide it by yourself).

Nevertheless, a four kilometer long beach paradise for relaxing, swimming and walking. Is's a place where the locals go if they want to be at the beach). If you bring your dog, head right off from the parking lot, along the pine forest until there is no one else.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, not a secret tip any more. Beware of guards!

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Pets on the beach are allowed only in San Mauro Ravenna. At the local beach resorts, an approximately 650-meter long stretch of beach is reserved for dogs, for a modest fee of 3,50 €.

Dogs must have a valid vaccination certificate and must be leashed and muzzled. For any damage and "mines" the master / mistress is responsible. Important notice: Dogs my be ​​on the beach, but not in the water.

Finally someone thinks on the pets sin Cesenatico. Here you can now enjoy the dog beach Bagno Corallo. Without rules (in Italian language only) it does not seem to work out:


• dog needs a vaccination card

• Dogs are not allowed in the water

• Dogs must be kept on a leash


Furthermore, it is prohibited to bring bitches in heat at the beach - something that makes sense.

At San Mauro Pascoli see the Fido Beach in the bathhouse Grandi Spiagge.

At the Lido di Dante there are approximately 100 meters south of the mouth of the Uniti beach reserved for swimmers with a dog.

Here the dogs may splash in the sea. Beach service there is none (bring water!). Eventual "legacies" must be discarded by master/mistress (do not forget shovel + bag).

But here as well: No bitches in heat, please.

Worth mentioning is the Zona Libeccio on the beach of San Giuliano and the Beach 33 of the Hotel National.

More dog-friendly beaches are Bagno Silvano 150 on the border between Rimini and Riccione (10 umbrellas reserved for families with dogs). Or the Hotel Diamond near the Bagno 81. Here too may dogs must not go into the water.

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