Badestrand von Jesolo

Not coincidentally, the resort Jesolo, which is divided into the districts Jesolo and Lido di Jesolo, is one of the most popular beaches in Italy.


Finest golden sand beach as far as your sight can reach (by the way the color is attributed to the Dolomites). It invites to bask in the sun, then to plunge into the refreshing cool waters of the Adriatic... in other terms:


Holidays by the sea at its best.

Even for one's culture you don't have to travel far from Jesolo: You reach Venice shortly with the ship. In any case a ship is the transportation of choice when it comes to Venice to approach the "Queen of the Adriatic" in befitting manner.

Resort with tradition

Thanks to its more than a century-old tradition as a resort on the Adriatic Jesolo generally offers good service to guests from all over the world who come here to relax, do some sports, swim, sail, fish - and simply want to have an entertaining vacation.

With 15 kilometers Bibione has one of the longest beach of Italy at all - absolutely ideal for extended biking tours in the warm evening sun.

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