Lido di Volano


The Lido of Volano is something very special. Because due to its location in the Po Delta Park it is a veritable environmental treasure. The entire Lido is surrounded by the vast Valli Bertuzzi and the shady pine forest of Volano.


This forest, at least 170 hectares, was declared a nature reserve. It consists of sandy areas, on which the typical dune vegetation has developed.


In the Mid-thirties, the beach area was reforested with pines, oaks and native pine in order to secure the sand dunes and to protect them from erosion. An about 4 km long trail (accessible by foot and bike) offers the opportunity to observe a rich, wild fauna.


In the pine forest are nesting blackbirds, jays and pheasants. The salty waters are a suitable home for starfish, purple heron, the silver and gray heron and many water chickens.

Always opened, admission free

State foresters corps in Lido di Volano

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Lido di Volano

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