Madonna dell'Angelo

Church in the sea

This church is located at the east end of the dam of Caorle. Perhaps it is the oldest church of Caorle, in any case it is the most beautiful. The square, Romanesque bell tower was built in XIII. century.

No need to emphasize it: She is a real gem. Not least because people like this place for their marriage.

Chiesa della Madonna dell'angelo
Chiesa della Madonna dell'angelo
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Chiesa della Madonna dell'Angelo
Chiesa della Madonna dell'Angelo
Chiesa della Madonna dell'Angelo


Originally, they say, the church should have been built in the VI. Century by the villagers of Concordia Sagittaria. They dedicated it to the Archangel Michael. Legend has it that some fishermen saw a wooden statue of the Madonna swimming in the sea. They could not get to shore, as the statue laid on a block of marble. Only with the help of some young men they succeeded. After this miracle it was dedicated to the Virgin.


Another miracle occurred in 1727, as Caorle was flooded by a heavy storm, the church remained intact, however. Two marble crosses on either side of the portal remember this miracle and characterize the altitude that was reached during the storm. There should be some historical documents as evidence.

Prozession in honor of the Madonna

From the mid 18th Century this procession - with interruptions - in honor of the Madonna took place. Since 1965 entire Caorle commemorates every five years, always in early September. The exact date will be determined in each case.


The festivities include a big procession in colorful costumes and decorated boats on the miraculous apparition of Our Lady from the Sea. The festivities last for over a week. On Sunday after several fairs in the evening, the statue of the Madonna, accompanied by the fishing boats of the locals, is brought back into the church solemnly across the sea.

Anyone who is lucky enough to stay at this time in Caorle, is witnessing a deeply devout, touching and impressive experience.


The pictures of the procession date back to 2010. So the next time will be 2015. Bookmark this!

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