Marina di Ravenna

The coast of Ravenna has over nine beaches. Marina di Ravenna has the largest of them.


The Marina is located next to an important port for the Italian merchant navy, which counts among the safest harbours in the area. It lies at the mouth of the Grand Candiano Canal which connects Ravenna to the sea. The canal is named after Pope Clement XII. Corsini who had him build in 1736. Its two 3-km outer dams shield the canal to the north and south.


Leisure, sailing and motor boats are allowed in the area between the southern and the eastern embankment. From Marina di Ravenna and Porto Corsini you can reach Ravenna easily, it is only 10 km away.

More than just a beach holiday

Marina di Ravenna travel poster
Marina di Ravenna on the beautiful old travel posters.

The city of Ravenna, once the capital of the Western Roman Empire, deserves a visit for its magnificent Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine monuments. It witnesses of a glorious past, but mainly for their mosaics, which are among the finest in the world.


Marinas & Harbors

The tourist port of Marina di Ravenna is located between the inner south jetty and the tourist harbor Marinara. It has floating landing stages and is run by the the Yacht Club Circolo Velico Ravennate and by the A.N.M.I. Altogether there are 661 places for boats up to 15 meters in length. Incoming boats can land on the floating stages unless they are not already occupied by the members.

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