Milano Marittima

Luxury Vacation on the Adriatic

The elegant and famous village of Milano Marittima on the Adriatic coast has preserved its charm but managed to gain a nimbus of exclusivity. Therefore also more demanding guests feel very well in this place.


Milano Marittima is located in a beautiful century-old pine forest and combines the liveliness of its center with peace and quietness of nature - an almost ideal holiday destination where all is about quality, class, fun, and professionalism.

Sun & Nightlife

The center is the preferred place for a walk, see and be seen, meet friends and go shopping. There is a plethora of exquisite shops and boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs, pubs and "in"-places. In the evening, many bars are opened.


Hier werden Sie fündig in der Viale Matteotti und der Viale Gramsci.

Not far from the center and the pine forest are important sporting facilities, such as the Adriatic Golf Club with 27 holes, tennis centers Circolo Tennis Cervia and Centro Tennis Mare e Pineta, the sailing club Circolo Nautico and the equestrian center Le Siepi. There are many contests, tournaments and events held at highest sporting level.


Boredom banned

The well-kept sandy beach with entertainment and an extensive amount of sports facilities offer the perfect opportunity for a beach holiday that meets both the desire for security and peace for families as well as the youngers desire to have fun.


  • Salt Magazine (Magazzini del Sale, the region is known for its salt production )
  • Salt Museum ( Museo della Civiltà Salinara)
  • Torre S. Michele
  • Cathedral
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