The easternmost location of Italy

Located in the very eastern part of the Gulf of Trieste you reach Muggia. It is a typical venecian fishermen town remaining to Italy after WorldWar II.

In history Muggia has always kept the faith to the Serenissima - as you could easily guess by the lion of Saint Marcus at the top of the eastern gate of Muggia. Maybe an interesting detail: You can see a lion in the coat of arms of the town hall as well. But there the lion holds a sword, and the book is closed - a hint making a reference to wartimes. And indeed this place, located at the borderline, has ever been threatened by war in history.


Don't miss to visit the beautiful dome (built in 1263) with a front in gothic-style as well as the church of San Francesco and the small basilica Santa Maria Assunta on top of the hill of Muggia Vecchia. 


Being in Muggia at the right time you could enjoy the local carneval.

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Don't miss the cathedral from 1263 with pale pink gothic façade, the gothic church of San Francesco (restored in 1950) as well as the small church of Santa Maria Assunta, which is on the hill in the old part Muggia.


Very year the Carnival of Muggia takes place, in which a parade of allegorical floats and costumes is designed by the eight companies that are in competition with each other. The Carnival of Muggia is outshined by the Venice Carnival as well as many other events and activities from the surrounding areas, so that it is not really known.


The modern Muggia attracts sailing enthusiasts with the huge new marina Porto San Rocco.


Here you can find more information about Muggia (by Proloco, so to speak, the "local club" of Muggia) and a few nice shots of Sergio Ornament , a photographer from Muggia.

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