Naval Museum


The port of Cesenatico is something unique to the Adriatic!

With much love and patience the old boat types of the Adriatic were sought, collected, restored and exhibited. The Museum della marineria testifies the commitment of the people of Cesenatico who have the will to preserver the "old stuff" as a unique witness to the past.


For centuries the channel port of Cesenatico offered fishermen and sailors protection and hospitality. For the love of the sea around 1986 the idea was born not only to preserve the old boat types, but also to make them accessible to visitors.

8 different types of ships with painted sails are located in the oldest part of the port (planned by Leonardo da Vinci) between the two bridges Via Mazzini and Via Cecchini. The exhibted boats were used for transport and fishing, they were equipped as comfortable homes and were in use until the beginning of motorization, especially in the Adriatic Sea.


Why, one might ask, were the trapezoidal sails painted so colorfully? Firstly, to be recognized from afar, secondly to protect the sails against mold and finally, and most importantly, to catch the eye and for the joy of creativity - l'art pour l'art.

If you let your eyes wander about this unique harbor museum, you will sense the harmony of the Adriatic Sea with its inhabitants, with their ships and their colors.

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