New Year's Eve

in Venice

Silvester Venedig
New Year's Eve on the Piazza San Marco.

Who those who have not decided yet where to spend New Year's Eve, think about Venice. A very special event is awaiting you there: New Year's Eve in Venice. In recent years it has become common that the Venetians leave their homes for New Year's Eve and go on the Piazza San Marco to greet the new year with a kiss.


Before 24:00 o'clock there are several performances on a stage that has been erected there. Finally, the climax, announced by the bells of the campanile chime at 24:00, the new year is sealed with a kiss (but only among the participating couples), and celebrated with a magnificent fireworks.

A truely unique experience: New Year's Eve in Venice.

Kisses instead of Pops

Do not bring your own firecrackers unless you have scheduled a fine of 500 € in your travel budget. Particularly in Italy illegal firecrackers are a problem, as several campaigns in Italy suggest.

So finally it was Venice to have the commendable idea of holding New Year's Eve in Piazza San Marco a "mass kissing".

As with so many festivals in Venice, it is also recommended here, if you want to eat in a restaurant: Make your reservation in time.

New Year's Eve in Venice 2013: With Mask.

By the proximity to the New Year's Eve to the Carnival (January 26th), the city has the motto White Venice - New Year's Eve with mask.

New Year's Eve in Venice 2012

• Monday 31 December 2012, from 10:30


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