Po Delta


Ein Bild von einer Landschaft - das Po-Delta.

The mouth of the river Po in the province of Ferrara is undoubtedly one of the most alluring and impressive landscapes. On one side, the sea with its Lidi and its more than 23 km long, wide sandy beach.

On the other hand, the 1000-year habitats of Comacchio that are starting out with new walking and hiking trails, is of substantial value for nature lovers.


Flora and fauna along with enliven history, many works of art and monuments, make this a charming and natural area. The historic lagoon area extends to the Abbey of Pomposa, the Castle of Mesola and the nearby Renaissance city of Ferrara.


The gently inclined, well-kept sandy beach is ideal for families with children. There are rich offerings for boat trips and water sports. Horse lovers can enjoy rides on the typical Po Delta-horse.

Map of the Po Delta Park

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Karte Podelta
Schematische Karte des Po-Deltas.

With its 7 arms the river Po, after a jorney of 652 km,flows into the Adriatic Sea. There it pushes the 400-square-mile delta region forward to dozens of meters every year. It is a little melancholic, but beautiful landscape that can be enjoyed by boat and bicicle on numerous bike routes along the dams.


The peculiar charm of this water landscape has inspired many famous Italian directors and served as the backdrop. (Including Visconti, Bertolucci, Antonioni)


The city of art, not only of the Delta, but the central Adriatic is, in the purest and truest sense Ferrara. With its buildings dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance the center is a magnificent palace, built in 1385, seat of the Duchy of Estensi.


During a city tour one should visit the cathedral, in the style blend of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and the bell tower in Renaissance style. Furthermore, the Casa Romei, where Lucrezia Borgia spent her holidays, the Palace Schifanoia and Palazzo of Ludovico il Moro.

Guided Excursions

Geführte Exkursionen ins Po-Delta

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