Porto San Rocco

Shipyards of the Habsburgs

Porto San Rocco, once.
Porto San Rocco, once.

Once, from 1860 on, Porto San Rocco was one of the most important shipyards in the Austrian navy. Their reputation was so great that even Emperor Franz Josef personally paid a visit to her.

With the end of the Habsburg monarchy fell the shipyard. The construction of this facility is an example of a successful reverse engineering of formerly neglected areas.


So the great dock that dated back from the old shipyard (and in its place today the Marina Porto San Rocco is located), fully restored and equipped with sophisticated technical equipment, such as through the use of underwater lighting.

Porto San Rocco in Muggia

Coordinates: 45°36'.621N - 13°45'.155''E


The marina Porto San Rocco Porto San Rocco has 550 landing stages and offers exclusive services. It has a holiday village with 400 apartments for club members and their guests.



Porto San Rocco s.p.a.

Strada per Lazzaretto, 2

34015 Muggia (TS)

Tel. +39 040 273090

Fax: +39 040 9279203




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