60 km northeast of Venice and just a kilometer north of Concordia Sagittaria lies the beautiful city of Portogruaro - relatively little known, not overrun by tourism and therefore an even more delightful city.

Portugruaro - Piazza del Municipio
Portugruaro - Piazza del Municipio

Why the city is called PORTOgruaro (Porto = port, Gruaro = crane, the symbol of the city), where it is yet that far on the mainland?

In earlier times, when everything was still marshland, the trading goods from Venice were landed by ship here. Portogruaro was the closest place to Venice with solid ground. From here the goods were then transported in carts across the Alps.

Lorenzo Da Ponte
Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart's librettist

Really prominent sons in a strict sense the city has not. However, there would be to mention Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart's librettist, whom we owe so beautiful fabrics such as The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte:

Da Ponte was here in Portogruaro at the Collegio to become a priest. What helped him not much when he was thrown out exiled later in Venice. There were rumors of wild womanizing…

In dubio pro libretto: Tangible evidence there is none.


With its old town with Renaissance palaces in Venetian Gothic style and a particularly worth seeing city hall from 1300 Portogruaro is just recommended if you simply want to enjoy a sunny, beautiful holiday excursion, strolling through the center past the old water mill in Old Town, with a big ice cream at hand, perhaps.


Here, incidentally, also the annual (July - September) and very worthwhile Estate Musicale takes place.


It can happen to succumb to the charm of this town - at least you would not be the first one. So be warned, in the best sense, good quarters in a central location are not hard to get.

  • Antiques Market
    Every second Saturday of the month in the historic center.

  • Common market
    Every Thursday, offers almost everything what you could need in life.

  • Estate Musicale (June-September)
    Festival of classical music, very worth listening to. An unique experience, not only because of good music but also it is doing so well in the scenery of the city of Portogruaro.

  • There is always a reason to celebrate!
    If there is no reason to celebrate, one is invented. So there are a number of smaller festivities with no real reason - unless you consider eating cheese or ice cream to be one. And so the Festa del Gelatto, Festa del Formaggio, the Ham Festival can not be missing. Even if one looks in vain for a deeper religious motivation, it's a nice occasion to get to know the culinary specialties of the region. Or have you ever tasted about icecream made of roses? Ask for it here. (At the Dreher Bar (with restaurant) ask Peppino for his delicious handmade icecream).

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