Bridge of Tiberius
Bridge of Tiberius
Arch of Augustus
Arch of Augustus

Perhaps the best known and largest beach resort on the Adriatic Riviera - Rimini - looks back on a long history. Presumably it was founded by the Etruscans. In Roman times Rimini reached great importance because two important roads, the Via Flaminia and the Via Emilia, met here.


The magnificent Arch of Augustus by the Via Flaminia ,leading into the town, still exists. And still flows of traffic over the bridge of Tiberius which dates back to the first century.

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In the 14th and 15th century Rimini was dominated by the Malatesta family. As it can already be seen already from the name it was a power-hungry and rather unpleasant clan. Many buildings date back from this time, including the Castello Sigismondo, a powerful, only partly preserved fortress (still in use as a prison) and the most famous building in Rimini, the Malatesta Temple. This magnificent Renaissance building contains many graves of this family.


Every year the Malatesta Music Festival is held in Rimini in which artists of the first rank are taking part.


Most probably anyone will feel bored in Rimini because of the many shops and restaurants in the old town.

For the journey we recommend the A14 motorway, exit at Rimini Nord (Torre Pedrera, Viserbella, Viserba and Rivabella) or Rimini Sud for the rest of the city.

Easy to find in Rimini are of course hotels, the city is full of them practically. Enjoy the search ;)

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