The 15 km long, gently sloping beach of Rimini is probably the most popular which the Adriatic Sea has to offer. From May to October party is going on here. Finally, it is the place with the largest concentration of hotels in Italy.


Not without reason Rimini is notoriously famous for its vibrant nightlife. So rest assured that there is something in for everyone! Not much, but a little bit of culture can be enjoyed or studied here as well.

Party on, recover at home

Those who have never been in Rimini maybe get an idea what a Rimini vacation could be. Because Rimini is synonym for party! Shops, cafes, bars, pizzerias, restaurants, casinos and nightclubs are spread all over the place where the wide sandy beach is always close.


For physical fitness there are many sports facilities: Fitness center and similar facilities on the beach, but also sailing schools, boat rentals, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, tennis or soccer games, riding or roller skating can be enjoyed here.

In the surrounding area of the city there are also golf courses and a big kart race track (15 km from Misano Adriatico).

Beach services are available for a fee. Free beach sections there are rather few.

Festa dé Borg

Erwähnung verdient auch die Festa dé Borg. Anders als die Biennale in Venedig, die immer zu den ungeraden Jahreszahlen stattfindet, ereignet sich dieses Fest immer zu den geraden Jahreszahlen am 2. und 3. September. Es findet statt im mittelalterlichen Viertel Borgo San Giuliano. Jedes Mal widmet sich die Festa einem Thema der Geschichte der Stadt Rimini, seiner Persönlichkeiten oder auch den Stadtvierteln. Freuen Sie sich auf kulinarische Köstlichkeiten, Aufführungen und eine Menge Spaß in Rimini!

In memoriam Federico Fellini :)

Synonyme for the sunny south

Outside the historic center of Rimini is an elongated road settlement (by far the largest seaside resort on the Adriatic Riviera). Basically, the city of Rimini consists of 10 districts, starting from Torre Pedrera in the north down to Miramare in the south.

Pets on the beach

Urlaub mit Hund

There are many hotels in Rimini where pets are welcome. However, the friendship often ends at the coastline. Which means that you can take the dog everywhere with you, but not to the beach.

For walking the dog one must therefore dodge to the local parks. Wait, there is the Al Bagno 84 where everything with four paws is welcome. However, a Modulo (translated version) has to be filled out (practically it is a sanitary safety declaration).


However, your pet must not enter the sea...


But this not everywhere the case. Check out our dog beach overview for the Adriatic.

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