San Marino

Oldest republic in the world

Monte Titano - Wahrzeichen von San Marino

Close to Rimini

2 Euro coin of San Marino
San Marino has its own euro. A must for numismatists!

The oldest republic in the world, San Marino, is a perfect destination for a day trip if you stay in Rimini or Riccione.


When you enter San Marino you are actually leaving Italy, but no passport is needed. Just a few kilometers from Rimini the Monte Titano dominates the scene. On it is located the neutral tiny state of San Marino, with its three highly visible, prominent towers.

San Marino is the oldest republic in the world. And with only 61 km2 also one of the smallest.


As state founder the legend knows the hermit Marino, who settled in the remote area of ​​Monte Titano in the year 300. As the official date of the founding of the state of San Marino the 3rd of September 301.

Panorama San Marino
Panorama San Marino

In a Tax Paradise: No VAT.

Basilica del Santo
Basilica del Santo
Parlament San Marino
Parlament San Marino
Karte San Marino
Karte San Marino

Main source of income of the about 31,000 inhabitants is tourism. Over two million visitors per year visit San Marino and do shopping. No wonder because there is no VAT. Again, this may well be a reason why many Italians take their hard-earned Euros here in safety…


The old town is really worth seeing, despite the many shops and bars. Walk through the narrow alleys until you reach the Public Palace, where every half hour the picturesque changing of the Guard is held.


We recommend a walk to the three towers. La Rocca (also La Guaita) is located on the highest point of Mount Titano and dates back to the 13th century. From here you have a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. By the Passo delle Streghe (witches pass) you reach the central tower - the Torre La Cesta. Another 10 minutes is needed when visiting the third tower, the Torre Montale.

Keep your camera ready and enjoy the view!

• 8 parking spaces for about € 8 - a day around the Old Town

• Cable car from the village Borgo Maggiore (€ 4.50)

• 9 x daily bus from Rimini (stop at Piazzale Calcigni)

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