September Festival


What can the Bavarians what Bibionesi can do better - just a month earlier. However, when it comes to the September Festival in Bibione they do not eat and drink as much as possible, but as good as possible.

For this happy occasion stalls are built on the street where you get presented the best wines and other delicacies - in short everything that has flavor and name: wine, cheese, grappa and other local delicacies.


Date: 2012: Sat 5th and Thu 6 September

This is ultimately a wine region!

Coat of Poderi Salvarolo
Coat of Poderi Salvarolo

Local wines come from the DOC zone Lison Pramaggiore. For centuries this area was kind of outsourced wine cellar of the Doges of Venice. So there are actually more wineries that mindful maintain its time-honored traditions with modern tools such as the Poderi Salvarolo.

By the way: If you meet this winegrower - Luigi is his name and he is also very nice - greet him my Then maybe he lets you taste his outstanding Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso - and that is worth the journey.

Montasio - typisch, gut und von hier.

As may be called Prosecco Prosecco only if it comes from the area of ​​Conegliano, the cheese named Montasio may be called Montasio when it comes from here. Say from Friuli, specifically from the eastern Veneto (Belluno, Treviso, and a few areas in the provinces of Padova and Venice). Characteristic and distinctive flavor, it goes particularly well with local wines.

Asparagus Festival in April

Spargel aus Bibione

A delightful guest sadly lacking at September Fest: The white asparagus! Therefore they created a festival to celebrate the asparagus for itself. Because the sandy soils around Bibione offer perfect conditions for growing asparagus. Therefore, every year - at the end of April - the famous Asparagus Festival in Bibione.

With all the abundant supply, we're finally want only one thing: Blessed appetite!

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