Museum of Torture

San Marino

To those who like to shudder a little in vacation the Torture Museum in San Marino is highly recommended. Probably the most prominent inmate was Giuseppe Balsamo, more commonly referred to as Count Cagliostro spent his last days here (which was self contradictory in a sense as he had claimed having found the elixir of life).

Knee splitter
Knee splitter
Nuremberg virgin
Nuremberg virgin

Here you can admire as horrible as efficient instruments like a knee splitter or the so-called Nuremberg virgin. There are other highlights of this kind, which we will not prejudge.

Surprisingly humane however are the ticket prices for groups. We therefore recommend a group visit.

Museo della Tortura

• Lato Porta San Francesco - San Marino Città

• Tel +378 549 991215



• Per person: € 8 -

• Reduced: € 6 -

• Groups: € 4 - each

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