Treviso is true of Roman origin (important finds from the Roman period are preserved in the City Museum). It experienced a real boom in the Middle Ages (in 1200 it was one of the most important cultural centers in Italy).

Since the beginning Treviso has always been surrounded by the city walls, while today only sections of it have remained, from the western city gate Porta dei SS.Quaranata to the northern gate Porta di S. Tomaso, built in the 16th century by Fra'Giocondo.


The houses of Treviso and its ground floor arcades and frescoed façades let us recognize a designstyle that was inherited over centuries and which made the city one of the most important centers for facade painting in northern Italy.


The Municipal Museum includes, besides the archaeological department, also an art gallery with paintings from the 14th century, especially from the Renaissance (G.Bellini, L.Lotto, Titian, etc.), from the period of Mannerism (I.Bassano and Pozzoserrato ) and the 18th century (F. Guardi, A.Longhi). Furthermore the City Museum owns a very special cultural property: A collection of posters Salce, one of the most valuable poster collections in Italy.

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