Treviso has a young spirit, is full of attractions, shopping, entertainment and culture.


During a walk you pass by an exuberant range of various restaurants and wine bars with a welcoming friendly atmosphere.


In any case you should miss the cuisine. Have a try:

Radicchio Rosso

Radicchio trevigiano
Radicchio trevigiano

So tastes the Veneto: Delicious! The abundance of agricultural products is reflected in commercial and folk events. The typical Radicchio rosso is celebrated during the winter months in many towns with festivals, exhibitions and gastronomic markets.

The typical Radicchio Rosso is perhaps not exactly cheap, but by all means worth a tasting.

Duomo di Treviso

Dome of Treviso
Dome of Treviso

Treviso is a veritable art city. Here lived and worked Tomaso da Modena, one of the greatest painters of the 14th century. In the church of San Nicolò, in the adjacent chapter room of the seminary and the church of S. Caterina (now a museum) you find a powerful testimony of his work

The cathedral with its impressing classical façade offers, next to a medieval crypt, also works by Tizian and Paris Bordon.

City Museum

A visit to the City Museum lets us know about the rich history of the city. Treviso was once a Roman city. It flourished during the Middle Ages and was finally integrated into the Republic of Venice. The present city wall dates from that era.


Beyond the square are many beautiful angles: the Pescheria (fish market), the Canale dei Buranelli, and Piazza Rinaldi, from where you can then joins with the solemn and impressive church of San Francesco.

  • Palace "dei Trecento" of the XII Century at the Piazza dei Signori

  • Loggia dei Cavalieri (Romanesque style, built 1277),

  • the Cathedral of the 11th Century on the Piazza del Duomo, which contains some pictures of Paris Bordone, a famous painter of Treviso,

  • the City Museum with Roman ruins, and

  • the great art gallery in Via Cavour ...

Event Tip: Fiere di San Luca

Fiere di San Luca
Fiere di San Luca

In October, on the Campo della Fiera (a district of Treviso and formerly Silehafen) the millennial fair Fiere di San Luca is held.

There are also several markets in Treviso, Mogliano. A rich artistic and cultural life in Treviso benefits of sophisticated facilities in the first place, such as the city theater.

Estate Trevigiana

The summer festival Trevigiana Estate in Treviso takes place every summer from June to September and offers young and old a very rich program.


Every evening, visitors are spoiled for choice: whether music, theater, cinema, dance, folklore - in many places in the Old Town is taken care of for fun and entertainment.



Estate Trevigiana

• Città di Treviso

• Palazzo Scotti

• Via S. Andrea 3

• Phone +39 0422 658320

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Bitterly delicious

The cuisine of Treviso is first class. Even where simple meals are offered they are always most tasteful and friendly served. Here you can taste a typical thing that is served anywhere else, such as the Sopa coada (a soup with dove meat), or the famous, slightly bitter but remarkably tasty Radicchio rosso Trevigiano, the king of the local cuisine.

Treviso, the provincial capital of the Treviso province, is experiencing another golden age, as so often during its history.

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A city to fall in love with

In Treviso you are surrounded by a warm and friendly atmosphere. Maybe that's why one falls in love with this city. No wonder!

The Middle Ages are reflecting in the waterways: The city is crossed by a myriad of rivers that spring from ground water sources that flow in the river Sile. Treviso is rich of ancient buildings with painted facades, a cycle of frescoes at open air.

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