in Trieste

  • Piazza Ponte Rosso (now a market) with Giovannin Fountain, formerly a part of the under M.Teresia newly constructed water supply (1753).

  • Very close to the Serbian Orthodox Church Holy Trinity and San Spiridione - richly gilded.

  • Piazza Unità d'Italia on the sea with city hall, several palaces and the famous Cafe degli Specchi.

  • The Fountain of the Four Continents (1751) and the honorary column for the Emperor Charles VI. (1728), with the creation of the free port, the economic development of the city in the 18th Century had promoted.

Old Town and San Giusto Hill

  • Via del Teatro Romano: The theater was built in the 1st century AD, formerly located by the sea. Remnants of piers and wharves were excavated. The steep Via della Cattedrale leads to the hill of San Giusto (oldest part of the city, first roman, then romanesque). There are the

  • the Cathedral of Trieste, the fort remains of the Roman basilica and the monument to the fallen of World War I at the site of the ancient Roman Forum. (Wonderful views of the city from here.)

  • Cathedral with admirable Gothic rose window from the 14th century, beautiful apse mosaics with golden background of the 13th Century (Venetian master), the church itself is romanesque.

  • Piazza della Borsa with the old stock exchange (now Chamber of Commerce) and honorary column Leopold I.

  • Greek-orthodox Church (interior with iconostasis!)

  • Giuseppe Verdi Opera Theatre, one of the most visited in Italy.
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